The Company

The company behind the HerEdge Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Training System is Women's Advanced Athletics, LLC. We are a group of former athletes, teachers and coaches who believe women should have the same opportunity for athletic success that their male counterparts currently enjoy. Although Title IX has done much to level the playing field, women still find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in two critical areas which are directly related to each other. One is a significant lack of female specific conditioning/training and the other is the elevated risk of injury that women face, particularly season and career ending ACL knee injuries.

Because most speed, strength and agility training regimens were developed for men and then adapted to suit women, they do not take into account their anatomical and physiological differences. It is these differences, however, that put women at significantly greater risk of injury than men, particularly in sports that involve a lot of speed, applied force, quick lateral movement and deceleration like basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis and track & field.

But injury avoidance and less down time, if it does occur, are only half of our story. The other half is giving dedicated female athletes the training tools, techniques and instruction they need to be more competitive.

So if you are looking for a training regimen specifically tailored for women that will improve your speed, strength, agility and explosiveness you have come to the right place. We share your passion and joy of competitive sports and look forward to helping you achieve your full athletic potential, while minimizing your risk of injury.

Our Staff

The architects and co-authors of our unique programs are Ambyr Craw and Bill Wosilius.

Since graduating from Lafayette College in 2002, Ambyr has been involved in coaching track and field at both the scholastic and collegiate levels. She is CSCS and USATF certified, a member of the National Pole Vault Coaches Association and has worked and studied with some of the best coaches in the country. During her athletic career at Lafayette she was a heptathlete, sprinter, hurdler and pole vaulter. She was team captain and still holds the Lafayette women's outdoor pole vault record. What is particularly impressive about that is that Ambyr did not pole vault in high school. She did not pick up a pole until the outdoor season of her freshman year. In just three and a half years she became a twelve foot pole vaulter by applying many of the lessons contained in our program. Significantly, Ambyr was almost injury free throughout her athletic career. But, when she was hurt, she was always able to return to competition sooner than her trainers anticipated.

Bill Wosilius, a former teacher and coach, attended Syracuse University on a full athletic scholarship for football in 1963. At Syracuse, he played with NFL greats Jim Nance, Floyd Little, Larry Czonka and current NY Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. After graduating in 1967 with a degree in physical education, he was drafted by the NFL St. Louis Cardinals, but knee injuries cut his professional football career short. In 1970 he began a 36 year tenure at West Essex Regional High School in North Caldwell, NJ, where he helped produce an enviable record of state championships in Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Tennis and Track & Field. Notably, Bill has been CSCS certified since 1990 by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In 1988, he established the West Essex Strength and Conditioning Program, open to all. He has remained director of that program for the past twenty years. As an ardent advocate of sports specific speed and strength training, Bill has helped many of West Essex's top female and male athletes achieve all state recognition, team championships and collegiate athletic scholarships.

Bill and Ambyr are no strangers to one another. Ambyr attended West Essex's Middle and Senior High Schools where Bill recognized her athletic talent and began working with her as early as the seventh grade. She is quick to credit Bill's unique brand of female specific training with helping her achieve the level of success that she enjoyed. Through her own competitive and coaching experiences, Ambyr has continued to build upon Bill's original regimens, incorporating the latest training techniques and knowledge you need to be at your competitive best.

Ambyr and Bill have combined forces to create the HerEdge Training System. Their collaborative effort has produced a series of unique, female specific DVD's that will show you in great detail how to get faster, stronger, more agile and more explosive. Consistent use of the HerEdge Training System will also help reduce your risk of injury. Additionally, research has shown that better conditioned athletes recover from injury faster; less down time equals more playing time.

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