HerEdge Performance Enhancement

The HerEdge Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention Training System has been created exclusively for female athletes. Consistent use will improve your speed, quickness, strength, balance, agility and explosiveness. Benefit from improved athletic performance and  injury reduction!

Before beginning the HerEdge Training System, take our test for Speed, Agility and Explosiveness. Upload the results, which will be archived. Use HerEdge consistently for 3 weeks, retake the test and upload those results. Repeat as desired and track your improvement. Sports specific skills are important, but collegiate coaches are increasingly focused on female athletes with the Speed, Agility and Explosiveness to be successful at the next level. Take our test, track the results and improve your scholarship potential.

HerEdge Injury Prevention/Speed & Agility Program

   For Group Clinics or Coaches
   Training in the HEREDGE
   Female Specific Injury
   Prevention System
   Please Contact Ambyr at

Improve your speed, agility, running form and reaction time.

Speed & Quickness

Build explosive strength learn to react quicker, more forcefully.

Explosion & Reaction

Build torso, core strength while improving stability in motion.

Total Body Medicine Ball

Build upper body strength while improving balance and flexibility.

Total Body Stability Ball
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